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The world needs an evaluation framework that transparently and objectively assesses the technical possibilities offered by software providers. 
Introducing: Composable Agility Score.

Evaluation Framework for Future-Proof Solutions.

How independent is the application from the end user’s interface?

Cloud Native
How natively can an application be operated in the cloud?

How easy is it to build individual business solutions with the application?

How easy is it to quickly and scalably build the individual solutions you need for your business using the application? See also: Best of Breed versus Best of Suite.
How well can a cloud application be broken down into its individual parts and used? The best solutions can be combined based on specific customer requirements.
How well can this application be connected and controlled via standardized applications? A functional API interface is able to interact with any other software.
How natively can this application be operated in the cloud (updates, backup, porting)? An ideal cloud solution is available everywhere, accessible at any time, highly secure, flexible and agile.
How independent can the application be from the end user’s interface (desktop, mobile, on the go…)? A functional solution is able to operate with any frontend.
5API First

How well can a cloud application be broken down and used in individual parts?

API First
How well can an application be connected and integrated via standardized interfaces?

Composable Agility Score

Users already assess specific applications based on subjective evaluation criteria established in the market. The tech community supplements these criteria with four empirically derived criteria.

In order to successfully evaluate whether applications are future-proof, we added an additional business criterion to the existing four dimensions:

Using composability in addition to the preexisting dimensions, we score vendors based on their technical ability and the agility of their software solution.

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