It’s not an opinion.
It’s an industry benchmark
for enterprise software.

Decision making
made easy.

Expert knowledge made accessible for an easy decision-making process. Finally, there’s a standardized benchmark that combines the wisdom of enterprise software experts from a wide range of fields.

We create transparency
in an opaque market.

The CA score.

Making a side-by-side comparison of enterprise software has always been difficult — until now. The Composable Agility Score is the first standardized framework to evaluate the technical maturity of all kinds of enterprise software in light of modern business demands. 

Our assessment is based on tech standards and concepts that are well-recognized and empirically verified. But we’ve added something that was missing for far too long. Business users need an assessment that goes beyond technical metrics. They need a comprehensive analysis that makes decision-making easier. To meet that need, we augment the tech metrics with an overarching business metric: composability.

Gartner and other analysts and experts consistently emphasize how essential composability is for modern enterprises. Here at CA Score, our framework combines empirically based models of technical maturity with business-critical composability — into one actionable score.

Our scoring dimensions.

In order to successfully evaluate whether applications are future-proof, we added an additional business criteria to the existing four dimensions:


How easy is it to quickly and scalably build the individual solutions you need for your business?


How well can a cloud application be broken down and used as individual parts? The best solutions can be combined based on specific customer requirements.

API First

How well can an application be connected and controlled via standardized applications? A functional API interface is able to interact with any other software.

Cloud Native

How natively can this application be operated in the cloud? An ideal cloud solution is available everywhere, accessible at any time, highly secure, flexible, and agile.


How independent can the application be from the end user’s interface? A functional solution is able to operate with any frontend.

5API First

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Choosing an Enterprise Software.

Enterprise software can be almost anything, from a commerce system to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and much more. The term encompasses everything that large, global brands need for their tech infrastructure.

In such an enormous industry, there are countless offers on the market. And, when it comes to enterprise businesses, decision-making is a complex process involving multiple stakeholders. That makes it hard to choose a solution.

Why is choosing an enterprise software so difficult?

  1. The range of offers. There are a huge number of different vendors in the market, all with different approaches and priorities
  2. Satisfying multiple stakeholders. In any large company, there are multiple interdependencies, and decisions are rarely made within a single department. That’s why businesses need comprehensive, accurate information that is presented clearly and transparently.

With our Composable Agility Score, it’s now possible to make a direct comparison between different enterprise software solutions. You can compare solutions side-by-side on our Comparison Pages or read detailed reviews of each individual software provider on our Review Pages.