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Enterprise Software Comparison

Enterprise software—or Enterprise Application Software (EAS)—refers to a software solution that addresses the needs of an entire organization. This can include for example Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI), or E-Commerce software. Effective EAS solutions are characterized by a wide scope, many integrations and capabilities, and high scalability.

Enterprise software differs from traditional business software by bridging many requirements, functions, roles, and departments together.  EAS solutions aim to solve the problems of the entire organization, not just a few employees.

Comparing Enterprise Software: What to Consider When Choosing an EAS

The most significant difficulty decision-makers face when comparing Enterprise Software is finding accurate information on the capabilities and quality of each software product. It’s the lack of transparency in metrics that are actually important to businesses that cause this problem. This often leads to organizations making ill-informed choices or just sticking with the brand names.

An effective, tailored EAS solution is vital for smooth business operations and smart future-proofing. Making the wrong decision here can seriously impact your ability to grow and scale. That’s why we’ve devised our five-point Composable Agility Score—evaluating and comparing enterprise software solutions based on the metrics that matter to you. Here are the five scoring dimensions that make up our industry stand:

  • Composability: How easy is it to compose and scale the individual solutions you need for your business?
  • Modularity: How well can an enterprise solution be broken down and used as individual parts? By using an EAS solution that can be adapted to your needs, you’re ensuring a more agile deployment that is suited to your requirements.
  • API First: How well can the enterprise application be connected with other software and facilitate smart data transfer? A functional API interface also allows the platform to be controlled via standardized applications and fit in with existing software infrastructure.
  • Cloud Native: How natively can the application be operated in the cloud? Can resources be scaled effectively? Remember, a cloud-native EAS is available everywhere, accessible at any time, highly secure, flexible, and agile.
  • Headless: How independent can the application be from the end user’s interface? A functional solution is able to operate with any front end.

With our Composable Agility Score, it’s possible to make a direct comparison between different vendors of enterprise software, and judge which solutions are right for your specific needs. Our Review page allows you to explore detailed analysis of each individual provider for a wide range of enterprise software products. Want to learn more about how we score enterprise applications? We cover our evaluation methodology in more detail on our About page.