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Enterprise Software Review

Enterprise software — also known as Enterprise Application Software (EAS) — refers to a software solution that is designed to satisfy the needs of an entire organization and bridge many tasks and responsibilities into one application.

Looking for the perfect EAS for your business? The first step in reviewing possible enterprise software is narrowing down the required field of applications. Common examples of enterprise software include:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions
  • Payroll Management
  • E-Commerce Systems

Enterprise Software: Reviewing Your Needs First

The second step of reviewing enterprise software? Defining your specific needs! EAS software typically aims to meet at least one of these two needs:

  • Helping out with or facilitating mission-critical business functions: Enterprise software should aid your employees with their day-to-day operations. For instance, an ERP solution will help your organization handle critical resources.
  • Collect, process & analyze data useful to business operations: A crucial part of a modern business is using data effectively, and great EAS software will help integrate data processes into your workflow.

When reviewing enterprise software you will probably find that many EAS solutions will meet both of these requirements. For instance, a CRM will help handle customer data and also provide the necessary tools for customer support and lifecycle management.

Given the wide scope of an enterprise application software solution, it’s vital to carefully review multiple solutions to choose the right software vendor for your business. Remember, every organization is different, and the requirements and use cases for enterprise software are very individual.

Reviewing Enterprise Software: How to Find Your Perfect Match

Choosing a vendor tailored to your specific needs helps maximize the effectiveness of an EAS solution. This helps future-proof your company by ensuring enterprise software deployment matches the needs of your business and scales with your growth.

Let’s break down the most important technical aspects of reviewing potential EAS:

  • Composability: No single solution can cover all your needs. Modern EAS solutions must be easy to customize, combine, and scale.
  • Modularity: A modular EAS solution is easy to break down, mold, and adapt to your needs—creating a more agile deployment suited to your requirements.
  • API First: Your enterprise application should have a keen focus on connecting with and interacting with other software.
  • Cloud Native: A cloud-native EAS is available everywhere, accessible at any time, highly secure, flexible, and agile.
  • Headless: A headless enterprise software platform makes for a more agile, personalized experience where a functional solution is able to operate with any front end.

To help you select the right software vendor for your organization, we test and review different enterprise software solutions so you can compare offerings. With our Composable Agility Score, it’s possible to make a direct comparison between vendors, and judge which solutions are right for your specific needs. Find the right software provider by comparing enterprise solutions side-by-side on our Comparison Pages.